Spooky Trivia Quiz #1

This was the original 20-question quiz used for the Trivia Contest on September 13, 2013 (answers and scoring are in Inviso-Text below the quiz).

How many can YOU get right…?

1. What’s Spooky’s best friend’s name?
2. What city does Spooky live in?
3. What state can that city be found in?
4. Where does Spooky sometimes work part time after school?
5. What’s the name of the Goth girl who also works there?
6. Beside the Goth girl, Mrs. Gorgon, and Spooky, who else HAUNTS the place Spooky works?
7. How many members are in the “Hellchasers” paranormal investigator club?
8. How many minions did The Crooked Man have?
9. Who did Spooky trick into taking him to the airport by lying?
10. What really cool electronic device did Spooky find in Daniel’s suitcase?
11. Who was the last Hellchaser out of Schoolhouse Number Five?
12. What three things were needed to complete the ritual at Chesterfield mansion?
13. How many keys are the fifth graders looking for in Chesterfield mansion to win the Halloween candy?
14. What grade is Spooky starting in Greene Square Middle?
15. What’s the one place/classroom Spooky can’t wait to see inside Greene Square Middle school?
16. What informal name does Mr. Chesterfield give Spooky to call him by?
17. Why does Spooky think it’s funny the Veiled Woman’s name is Mrs. Gorgon?
18. What does The Librarian use to sneak Spooky into the morgue (that she keeps in her trunk for just such emergencies?)
19. Which minion (by number) helps Spooky out of the cellar of Chesterfield mansion when everything goes to heck?
20. Who (or what) chased Spooky back into the hospital morgue after Todd died?

Answers (swipe over to highlight and see!)

1. Donny
2. River City
3. Alabama
4. Book Sense and Incense
5. Beth
6. The Ghost, aka Mr. Gorgon
7. Four
8. Two
9. The Librarian aka Mrs. Crawford
10. Computer tablet
11. Issac
12. The book, the knife, and Spooky
13. Thirteen
14. Sixth
15. The library
16. Bill
17. “Medusa” was a Gorgon in Greek mythology, an illusion that Mrs. Gorgon creates to scare people
18. A body bag
19. Minion number three
20. Death aka The Grim Reaper


Scoring! Add up the correct answers and see how you did.

16 to 20 correct
– Excellent! You must be Spooky’s best friend right after Donny.
11 to 15 correct
– Pretty good! The Hellchasers would let you investigate with them anytime.
6 to 10 correct
– Not bad. Mrs. Gorgon suggests that you read them once more and try again.
0 to 5 correct
– Hmm. Are you sure you haven’t been to Chesterfield mansion?

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