Spooky2014-100pxMeet Spooky, a dead boy growing up in a tourist trap town. He goes to school, enjoys taking pictures in cemeteries, and doesn’t breathe. Starting the zombie apocalypse is his biggest fear, but it’s not his biggest problem. Read the first story NOW on your browser!

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“…(an) undead kid who goes to school and stuff? I must confess that I was a little skeptical…undead, but with a soul, conscience, and a spirit of adventure and investigation…a Lovecraftian story…from the view point of a very special kid who is eager to ‘see’ what’s beyond: the monsters, the horrors…very cool…”
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The Spooky Chronicles is a paranormal mystery horror book series about a child who comes back to life as a zombie but is still getting older. His unique condition makes him aware of (and draws him into) a paranormal underworld he never asked to be a part of (but still thinks is pretty cool).

Coming in 2015!

The Spooky Chronicles: Petty Kitty Revenge

More Spooky stories are coming soon.