Dear Parents,

Hi! I’m the author of The Spooky Chronicles.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Are these books okay for my child?” While I don’t exclusively write fiction for young adults, my intent with this series is to write the kind of books I couldn’t find when I was ten years old (to be honest, I was reading Stephen King back then). However, the best answer to your question is this:


Only you know what your child can handle and what they cannot. You can download a free edition of one of the books to try out first.

The Spooky Chronicles includes elements such as:

  • a dead boy who is still growing up;
  • dealing with having special abilities different from others;
  • dealing with having certain handicaps different from others;
  • dangerous or potentially deadly situations;
  • bad things sometimes happening to both good and bad characters;
  • characters not always doing the right or correct thing;
  • fortune telling, witches, monsters, and magical objects;
  • paranormal entities including ghosts and the living dead.

Book reviewers have written the following regarding age level:

“There’s nothing crude or overt, however (there are no F-Bombs here). It remains age-appropriate, just with a little added bite. Think ‘Harry Potter’ and you’ll be on the right track.”
~ Joshua Skye,

“This novella, in my opinion, is written with a young adult audience in mind more than the adult reader. However, as an adult (or so I’ve been told that I am a few times), I did enjoy reading it.”
~ J.R. Jackson,

“The story flowed nicely, and I would honestly put it in the same class as the early RL Stine books for maintaining interest.”
~ Dennis Wemm, Theater-Guy

I hope you and your family have as much fun reading The Spooky Chronicles as I did writing them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Kevin A. Ranson
Author of The Spooky Chronicles