Spencer Lawson

“Spooky” Spencer Alexander Lawson

A bright youth who started reading at three, Spencer was nurtured by loving parents as an only child in a comfortable home. At the age of six, Spencer was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that left him practically bedridden until he died at the age of seven. His mother stayed with him at home and at the hospital throughout the ordeal, but moments after Spencer’s death, he opened his eyes to find his mother would not awaken when he called out to her. None of the hospital diagnostic equipment indicated any viable life sign in the child: no heartbeat, no brain activity. Adding to the mystery was the complete lack of any cause for his mother’s death.

Since his mother’s passing, “Spooky” (a nickname given to him by his mother due to his ready acceptance of spooky stories while his father’s attempt with “Spaceman” failed to stick) has continued to grow up, although still smaller than other kids his age (and still quite dead). After a year of home schooling, Spooky begged his dad to allow him back into public school instead of being kept at home. With no reason not to and taking special precautions in case anything should happen, his dad permitted Spooky’s childhood to progress as any other young man his age.

Spooky demonstrates a desire to protect others (having been unable to save the mother he loved) while periodically shunning his own personal safety (a feeling of invulnerability due to having survived death and still being dead). His curiosity gets him into trouble where rules are concerned, but his instinct for sensing when things are wrong affords him the opportunity to deduce a problem’s cause as well as determine a quick solution. It also hasn’t hurt that Spooky has a ready acceptance of the strange and unusual since officially entering that world himself.

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